Lube Oil and Filter

Prevent your truck from overheating with a lube, oil, and filter change service.

Lube, Oil, and Filter for all Trucks

Nothing is worse than damaging your truck's engine by forgetting to get an oil change. Unfortunately, plenty of truck owners in Fort Erie have had just that problem, but Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc has a solution. Our easy and convenient truck oil changes can either be scheduled in advance or without notice – once you're in our system, we'll remind you when your next truck oil change might be due.

At the Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc shop, our space has been designed with truck lube, oil, and filter service in mind. There is easy access to our service bays and our efficient workflow means that we'll be able to quickly take care of what you need with a minimum amount of downtime for you or your truck.

All truck lube services in Fort Erie are not of the same quality. While some may use inferior oil brands and generic filters, you can rest assured that Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc is not like the rest. We never compromise on the quality of materials and parts and each service with us will use only the best.

Fast truck lube, oil, and filter jobs by Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc are just around the corner. Call us at 905-991-0001, 1-888 429-6372 or drop by our Fort Erie shop.