Electrical Systems

Complete analysis, upgrades, and repairs for your truck's electrical system.

A Reliable Electrical Systems Knowledge

Inside a diesel truck, the electrical system can range from quite simple to extremely complicated, which means you need a Fort Erie specialist that knows how to perform repairs and upgrades on even tricky setups. Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc is exactly that type of provider and our electrical specialist have the skills necessary to make any installation or repair you need.

From the start, we'll pull your truck into one of the service bays at our Fort Erie facility and assess the current electrical system using advanced tools for measuring how much electricity you need and how much is being provided. If the electrical system is not performing properly, we'll make the necessary changes to get back to a functional status.

For truck electrical system upgrades, we're able to wire in new batteries, install electronics, and much more to make your truck cabin a more comfortable and functional space. For many local drivers in Fort Erie, Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc has deliver custom electrical solutions that have greatly improved their lives while on the road.

Call Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc at 905-991-0001, 1-888 429-6372 for dependable and high quality electrical systems work in Fort Erie that elevates your truck's performance.