Advanced diagnostics translate to better repairs and better truck performance.

Complete Engine Diagnostics

Keeping your truck in tip top shape is paramount if you want it to stay on the road rather than waiting for service or repairs. At Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc in Fort Erie, we're armed with the latest model diagnostics equipment to keep your truck in peak performance, find small problems before they become big, and get to the root of truck repairs instead of patching the symptom.

Whether you're local to Fort Erie or just passing through, Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc diagnostics is available for speedy and professional tune ups and repairs. We'll examine every system in your truck to look for potential errors and make sure everything is at optimal settings. If our diagnostics tests find an issue, we'll let you know before we start any repairs or additional services.

Truck diagnostics are used for many different reasons in Fort Erie, from tracing electrical faults to measuring the amount of oxygen that's reaching your engine. You might not notice small problems while you're behind the wheel, but our state of the art diagnostics will suss out even the most hidden details that could be decreasing your truck's power, fuel efficiency, or overall function.

Don't settle for a truck that's running below it's potential - dial 905-991-0001, 1-888 429-6372 for the best truck diagnostics in Fort Erie and Zanchin Truck & Trailer Inc will get the job done.